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Building your web site is a little like building a house. You can be practical or extravagant. Start "modest" now and add a second floor later - or build a three-story villa by the sea. To help you decide, Words and Pictures offers three custom design packages. In addition, there is an a la carte menu of options you can add to create the kind of Internet presence that would make the entire "neighborhood" envious.

The web designers at Words and Pictures don't care for "tract housing" any more than you do. That's why every design is a custom one - from scratch - to stand out from the rest. No "templates," no cookie-cutters, just originals.

Each Words and Pictures custom design package offers a significant savings over pricing these items separately. In addition to individual item savings, there are many services that "come with the house." For example, from your existing business logo, we will enhance color, depth and size - using the latest versions of the world's leading design imaging software.

Then we take it one step further by "optimizing" your images to the highest quality and smallest file size possible - making images load as quickly as possible. And since each design is an original, our consultants will spend the amount of time it takes to ensure WYWIWYG (What You Want Is What You Get).


Custom Package One - $495:


3 Pages (400 words maximum per page)
6 Photos/graphics
Your Business Logo
Custom Background
5 External Links
1 E-mail Link

(Includes one hour of design consulting and up to two hours logo/graphic enhancement.)

Custom Package Two - $975: 6 Pages (400 words maximum per page)
10 Photos/graphics
Your Business Logo
Custom Background
10 External Links
1 E-mail Link
(Includes one hour of design consulting and up to four hours logo/graphic enhancement.)
Custom Package Three - $1,695: 10 Pages (400 words maximum per page)
15 Photos/graphics
Your Business Logo
Custom Background
15 External Links
1 Interactive Form
1 E-mail Link
(Includes two hours of design consulting and up to eight hours logo/graphic enhancement.)

A la Carte

One size does not fit all. Maybe your web site needs four pages. Perhaps you have seven pictures and three logos to include. Or maybe your existing web site just needs an upgrade or tune up. Please refer to the list of options and related prices below, or contact us for a custom quote on the project that ensures WYWIWYG.

A la Carte Options -

Additional Page: $100 (400 words maximum per page)
Additional Image: $10 (client-supplied digital format)
Image Scans: $10
Additional Link: $10
Image Map: $75
Hit Counter: $15
Custom "Rollover" Button: $85
Animated GIF: $75 (two frames) - $175 (six frames)
GIF/jpg "Slide Show:" Starting at $60 (two images)
Javascript "Slide Show:" Starting at $100 (two images)
Custom CGI/Javascript: $50 per hour
Interactive Form: $195
Secure Order Form: $250
On-line Shopping Cart: $275 (for up to 25 items)
Frames: $100
Domain Name Search: $25
InterNIC Registration and Setup: $120 (two-year registration)
Top Search Engine Registration: $75 for web's Top-12 search engines

Major Search Engine Registration: $200 for 300 search engines
Custom Creative: $75 per hour
Web Site Maintenance/Updates (existing clients, only): $50 per hour
CD-ROM project permanent archive: $75


Web Ad Creative Services

Already have a web site? Need to place an ad on another web site to drive traffic to your site? The graphics team at Words and Pictures can create an Internet advertisement that will attract attention to your business.

Banner advertising on the Internet is generally available in three sizes. The "Bar" banner ad is 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. "Box" banner ads are 125 pixels high and 125 pixels wide. "Button" banner ads are 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels high. Words and Pictures can design an ad that will look great, then optimize it to keep file size as small as possible for fastest page loading. Here are some examples:

468x60 Banner
468 x 60 pixels "Static" Bar Banner

468x60 Animated Banner
468 x 60 pixels Animated GIF (four frames) Bar Banner

BJ's, Lahaina. Voted Maui's best pizza. Click for directions.
125 x 125 pixels "Static" Box Banner

KFC 125x125 Animated Box
125 x 125 pixels Animated GIF (four frames) Box Banner

Haleakala trail tour. $12.95 - includes lunch! Click for details.
88 x 31 pixels Button Banner

Of course, there are more options available - including "rollover" ads, where your ad changes content when a visitor rolls their mouse cursor over your ad. Also, for smaller ads (like the Box and Button sizes), you can add "pop-up" text to add information to a small space where there isn't room for additional graphics. For examples, roll your mouse over the BJ's 125 x 125 Box Banner or the HikeMaui.com 88 x 31 Button Banner. You can also include a printable e-coupon, allowing customers to bring in a document indicating their interest in your product or service - a proactive step that further embeds your company's image in the minds of site visitors.

Web Ad Creative Rates -

Custom Creative: $75 per hour
Static Banner: $65 (client provides art)

Animated Banner (2-6 frames): $75-$175
Pop-Up Text: $10
Printable e-Coupon: $75
Custom Multimedia Advertising: Contact us for Quote
Image Scans: $10
Art Color Correction / Image Enhancement: $15

Prices effective August 25, 2000. Rates subject to change without notice, but haven't changed in YEARS!

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