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Web Site Design and Development Services

Internet Web Design and Development - Custom web page and web site design and development. Available services include art and logo integration, text generation, linking and image optimization for optimal download time.

Web Services - Forms, secure online products/services and credit card ordering, "shopping cart" and fulfillment services available.

Post Design Services - Meta and keyword consulting, development and integration. Search engine registration and maintenance. Regularly scheduled or one-time content maintenance and site updating services also available.

Streaming Video and Audio for the Internet - Regardless of length your presentation can be digitized, optimized and "streamed" for the Internet - from your web site or ours, using state-of-the-art RealMedia streaming technology. Click here to view sample clips.

Visit some of our clients - Browse the sites and related links for examples that could serve as thought-starters for your Internet presence. Please note that all of the web site logos seen here are original custom graphic design by Words and Pictures.

Kamaole Nalu Oceanfront Resort

Ideally situated on spectacular Kamaole Point on Maui's south shore, Kamaole Nalu Oceanfront Resort is the perfect location from which to begin all of your Maui adventures. Kamaole Nalu (Ka-ma-oh-lay Nah-loo) is removed from crowded spots and tourist attractions, yet close to shops, restaurants and activities. This custom web site features loads of interactive elements including movies, music, ocean sounds, and a video tour of some of the best reasons to visit Maui. Visitors can click on pictures of the building to actually see the breathtaking views from each lanai on the property. A reservation/information form offers instant contact. There are also maps of Maui and links to Maui weather information. Relax at www.KamaoleNalu.com.

Kamaole Nalu Oceanfront Resort

Fishpond Ohana Restoration - Maui

The ForMaui web site is a colorful and informative journey through the storied history of one of Maui's true treasures: Ko'ie'ie Loko I'a, the Historic Royal Fishpond of South Maui. The mission is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and history through the restoration of Ko'ie'ie Loko I'a for present and future generations. Look back across 1,500 years at www.ForMaui.org.

For the Birds

ForTheBirdsDVM.com is a site filled with virtually everything one needs to know about companion birds. This San Jose, California-based avian veterinary clinic offers a huge array of services on this site, including advice on bird care, articles on trends and news in the companion bird industry and more. Customers can buy bird toys via secure online ordering. There's even a helpful bird food chart and details of ingredients for every type of bird food available from For The Birds. And, pet bird owners can even post pictures of their birds on the web. There's even one whose musical talents are featured via streaming media. Find out about all things "bird" at For The Birds. Visit www.forthebirdsdvm.com.

It's All for the Birds!
Maui Rental Condos
Papakea Oceanfront Resort

Maui Vacation Rentals

MauiRentalCondos.com features two beautifully appointed condos in two of Maui's most beautiful locations. This web site features enlargable pictures of each unit as well as the spectacular West and South Maui beaches. Site visitors will learn everything they need to know about location, price, availability - even the latest weather for Maui. An easy-to-follow interactive form allows prospective guests to inquire about availability. If you're evening thinking about visiting Maui, then be sure to visit www.mauirentalcondos.com.

Maui Movie Productions

Maui Movie Productions is a new Maui company dedicated to creating films of passion, action, drama and cultural significance to Maui, Hawai'i and all of Polynesia.

Maui Movie Productions provides screenplays that are available for purchase. We also offer movie production consulting services, and we form Hui (partnerships) for movie productions. Learn more about us and our current projects at www.mauimovieproductions.com.

Hana Fantasy Flowers

Hana Fantasy Flowers

Exotic, tropical flowers - lovingly and carefully grown and shipped - from the rain forests of east Maui directly to you. Secure on-line ordering, fingertip navigation controls, virtual 3-D examples of spectacular floral arrangements and a streaming video tour of the farm highlight this beautiful web site. Explore www.hanafantasyflowers.com.

Why Have a Professional Design Your Web Site? - By Karen N. Silliman, PLCD

Just a few years ago it would have been beyond most people to consider building their own web site. The process was complicated, and only "nerds" were able to translate language into codes. Today the new hot sellers are web design kits and programs. "Learn to build your own web site in a weekend" is stamped upon many advertisements selling these new items.

From our standpoint, of course, it all seems like trying a "self dentistry" or "self brain surgery" kit. Why should you have a professional design your web site for you? First of all, we understand that the real purpose of a web site is to present your product or your business in as stylish a setting as possible. A web site needs to perform many tasks for you:

1. Give you exposure to a much larger audience.
2. Encourage those who "hit" your site to revisit often and also to encourage their friends and associates to do the same.
3. Feature your product or service in such a way that your business appears to have advantages over your competitors.
4. Place your web site with search engines and under such categories that you will easily be found.
5. Keep up with the latest technology in design and presentation so that your site will not become boring or obsolete in a matter of months.

It is not sufficient to "build it and they will come" any more than it is sufficient to build a business and hope that someone will stumble over your threshold. To compete for the advertising or contribution dollar you need to be seen. Your web site must stand out with a well-designed first impression. It must have quick and easy links to encourage interactive participation. Your content must be updated frequently so that it reflects what your business is doing to today - right now - at this hour.

Yes, you could build your own site. But in so doing you are committing yourself to many, many hours of computer time to keep the site at its peak...not to mention keeping yourself educated on the newest products, systems and changing fads of the Internet. And, of course, don't forget the capital investment in new hardware and software to keep on the competitive edge in this new aspect of marketing.

We encourage you to build your own web site for the annual Christmas letter or personal chat room. Just as a limited amount of do-it-yourself home repair is good for the soul and makes you feel very accomplished. But there is a limit to "do-it-yourself" in business and in home improvement. Just as you know it's not a good idea to rewire your home yourself, it's not a great idea to build your own web site. Just as you might need an electrician to come in to make electrical repairs as a result of self-done home improvements, so too, web site repair and improvement is more costly than having it professionally built the first time around.

If you want to improve your business, gain customers, build upon your reputation and take that reputation worldwide, then it behooves you to budget wisely and plan accordingly - from the beginning. The business web site is quickly becoming the worldwide business card. It is the abbreviated definition of who you are and what services you perform. In one brief, easy to remember line you are saying, "www.this is me and this is what I do.com." The web provides the most intensive first impression of your business career. Do you really want to trust that to even the most well meaning amateur?

(Karen N. Silliman, PLCD, is a business consultant, author and editor)

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