Pictures for the web - Watch as the four "quarters" of the beautiful Maui sunset load on your computer. Then note the actual image size and compression of each image.

(Image Size: 90k - Uncompressed image)

(Image Size: 25k - Compressed 50 per cent)
(Image Size: 17k - Compressed 75 per cent)
(Image Size: 11k - Compressed 88 per cent)

Images on your web site need to be vivid, beautiful and sharp. And - perhaps just as importantly - they need to load fast. There is too much competition on the web to force visitors to wait for slow-loading pictures.

Here is proof positive that you do not have to sacrifice a lot of quality for download speed. On most browsers, it will take the upper left image nearly 16 times longer to fully load than it will take for the lower right image to show up. Yet each image is actually a quadrant of the same original picture - optimized for download speed.

The graphics team at Words and Pictures can enhance your images for sharpness and clarity, then optimize them for the web so they pop up as quickly as possible - even on low bandwidth connections. Images can be scanned from still images or slides, captured from video or imported from virtually any image format and platform for use on your web site.

And that's just the beginning.

What you do with the images is limited only by your imagination.

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