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Who We Are - Words and Pictures is a multimedia business based in Maui, Hawaii and Carmel, California that is dedicated to one mission: We help our clients tell their story. That may sound simple, but when you consider how many thousands of messages bombard us from all directions and forms of media every day, it takes something special to stand out and be remembered.

What We Do - From concept to completion, our job is to do whatever it takes to get your point across in the simplest, most effective way for maximum results. At Words and Pictures, the "pictures" part includes art direction such as logo design (or redesign or updating) and packaging enhancements; and the "words" part includes imaging copy, corporate image positioning via "one-sheets," technical text editing, web site design, development or enhancement...all the way down to helping you build a new menu or update your signage.

How We Do It - If it needs to be seen, heard or read, Words and Pictures can help you make it happen...at prices that are remarkably affordable. Your options include Digital Video Production, Web Design and Development and Graphic Design.

Why We Do It - Itís really quite simple! If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how much more effective your message can be if itís the perfect picture enhanced with just the right words. Itís why we do what we do at Words and Pictures. This has been our job for more than a quarter-century and we are ready to go to work for you.

Technical Stuff - All video and audio recording is done in state-of-the-art digital video with CD-quality stereo audio, broadcast-ready (where applicable) and transferable to all video formats. Words and Pictures offers production services from storyboard to post-production, including special effects, character-generation and animation via state-of-the-art non-linear digital editing. All art and print products are generated "on the desktop," and can be configured to any of dozens of formats (TIF, TGA, EPS, etc.). Words and Pictures will store your project on compact disc for your archives or for output to any commercial print shop.

How to Reach Us - By e-mail or by phone (808-879-2798) or by fax (808-879-2798), contact us to learn more about what Words and Pictures can do to help you tell your story.

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