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Video Production (any format)
Digital Videography
Digital Still Photography
Internet Video/Audio Streaming (Click here for samples)
Television Advertising
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Digital Video Products and Services

Television commercials - 10, 15, 30 or 60 second spots, each custom tailored to needs of the client. No "cookie cutter" approach, your story is told succinctly and precisely, presenting your image and message to reach your customers.

Event Coverage - Location services and live broadcast capabilities include multi-camera audio and video capture, on-scene direction and digital DV/DA "hot mixing" for broadcast or external feed. Simultaneous recording for delayed feed and/or post production also available.

Production and post-production - Digital production, editing and mixing. On-screen graphics and text (character generator). Multimedia source element capabilities. Because the entire process is in the "digital realm," the final project output to all video and audio formats occurs with no "generation loss."

"How-To" and Instructional Video - Single session or series presentation. Classroom or one-on-one environment in the location of your choice. Services available also include talent direction, consulting, technical writing and/or script development, multimedia source capabilities, voice-over, narration and hosting services, final product packaging, reproduction, distribution and fulfillment.

Industrial Video - Technical, presentation, archive footage, edited or "raw."

Demonstration Video - Product demo, product/service schematic and detail.

Promotional and Marketing Video - Event (premier, exclusive, annual, fundraising, etc.) personal, product or service presentation.


Streaming Video for the Internet - Whether 30 seconds or a full-length concert, live broadcast or "on demand," your video presentation can be digitized, optimized and "streamed" for the Internet - from your web site or ours, using state-of-the-art RealMedia streaming technology. Click here to see some sample streaming movies produced by Words and Pictures.

Digitizing, Transfer and Archive Video - Transfer from conventional storage media (videotape, audio tape, paper, etc.) to digital video storage master and/or CD-ROM for permanent storage and ready access.


Digital Audio

Digital Audio Capture - CD quality audio capture for multimedia output, production or reproduction. Services available include CD mastering.

Audio Production - Stereo synthesizing, special audio effects (spatial, distortion, etc.), multi-source layering and multi-channel mixing - all in loss-less digital editing domain.

Voice-over and Re-voicing Services - Custom voice-over by Jeff King, or talent of your choice. Available services include script writing and editing, re-voicing of outdated, updated or edited versions of your narration script and custom mixing for seamless integration of final product.

Exclusive Custom instrumental Music - Add depth to your presentation with unique, one-of-a-kind instrumental music backgrounds.

Streaming Audio for the Internet - Regardless of length your audio presentation can be digitized, optimized and "streamed" for the Internet - from your web site or ours, using state-of-the-art RealMedia streaming technology.

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